BigTappers – Our core strength

At BigTapp, we take pride in our team of associates, whom we fondly call BigTappers. Our highly talented and motivated team members are diverse, spanning across geographies, and excel in taking ownership to deliver beyond our customers' expectations. These values and beliefs guide our talented team to help us achieve our vision.

As a BigTapper, you get to enjoy the perfect blend of Dynamic Generation Z, Young Millennials, and Far-Sighted Peers collaborating. This unique mix of skills and perspectives allows us to approach challenges creatively and innovatively and keeps us at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

Work hard, play hard:

We value hard work and dedication, but also recognize significance of work-life balance. We encourage employees to have fun and socialize outside work thru company-sponsored events & offer benefits like flexible schedule & remote work to support this

Raise the bar

Our business pursues excellence through higher standards, innovation, and risk-taking, emphasizing continuous improvement. We recognize outstanding performers as mentors, encouraging everyone to excel and embrace failure as a part of learning process

Continuous learning

We prioritize employee growth by offering training & development opportunities, supporting new skill acquisition & collaboratively creating learning plans. Hearing a BigTapper say "I've learned more in BigTapp than in my entire career" makes our day

Mindset trumps skill

We value technical skills, but they can be learned. A positive attitude and growth mindset are crucial for thriving at our company, helping to overcome challenges, stay motivated, work well with others, and create positive customer experiences.

Life @ BigTapp

Joining our organization isn't just about finding a job; it's about becoming a part of a community. Our team members value work-life balance, personal growth, and having fun along the way. Check out these snapshots of life at our company, where we prioritize creating an engaging, collaborative, and supportive workplace culture. From team outings and social events to professional development opportunities and mentorship programs, we believe in investing in our employees' success and happiness. Come join us and experience the best of both worlds - a fulfilling career and a great quality of life

From BigTappers


Proud BigTapper

BigTapp is where I found my way into the Bigdata world.There are no limitations or boundaries when it comes to opportunities. I, as an employee, am free to choose what's best for me along with how to tune my career's growth.
I am provided with opportunities to work on project management activities.
Altogether it's been a wonderful 4 year journey wit


Proud BigTapper

I was heard and trusted from day one and I am very grateful for all the help and support I've recieved for my professional development and the upcoming opportunities to work in various domains. Proud BigTapper!


Proud BigTapper

BigTapp has played a pivotal role in my career as a Data Professional. I am grateful and privileged to work here and constantly challenge the boundaries of analytics with the experienced leadership team at BigTapp. Over my years of association with the company, BigTapp has enabled me to work across all verticals of Data and Business. The open and approachable structure in BigTapp has helped me push past my comfort zone to develop myself as a well-rounded Data Professional.

I consider BigTapp to be a major contributor in my development from a Master's grad with narrow focus on anal...


Proud BigTapper

My journey with BigTapp has been characterized by opportunities to challenge myself, push boundaries, and in the process learn and grow.
Working with multiple clients across Singapore and India. Data has been at the core of my journey. Designing data centric solutions to empower organisations has been my key area of work within BigTapp.

Interested in becoming a BigTapper? Start your journey with us by browsing available jobs or feel free to submit your profile – we are always on the lookout for great talent!

Current Opening

Sales Manager

Sales Experience in Data Analytics and Cloud Data Engineering.

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Data Scientist.

SQL, Machine Learning, Python, & AI.

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Data Engineer – Hive & Athena

SQL, Hands-on Hive, BigData, AWS Athena, S3 Environment.

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Business Data Analyst.

Data Analytical Skills, SQL, Reporting Tools (Tableau, Power BI, etc.) Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

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Project Manager – Data Analytics.

Data Analytical Skills, SQL, Reporting Tools (Tableau, Power BI, etc.) Data Warehousing Skills and Data Bricks.

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